Age Defying Careers in the Press

Featured on WIN News Toowoomba

A special workshop targeting women in their 40s and 50s is being held this weekend. It’s all about combating issues around self confidence and negative self talk, which can all too often, hold older women back, from reaching their potential.

Featured on My Deal: How To Change Careers In 2018

A change in career can be tough. Not only is it a financially strained time, but you also need to train yourself for a whole new position. Here are a few tips for transitioning from one career to another in 2018. Change can often be unsettling. There’s something very comfortable about staying in the same circumstances, even when those circumstances may not be ideal. But, a new career can also be an exciting time that sparks renewed enthusiasm and growth… Continue reading

Featured on Australian Online Courses: How to face the fear of mid-life career change

The age of retirement is steadily creeping towards 70, so at 40 there are potentially 30 working years ahead of you. This doesn’t make it less daunting for those changing careers later in life, but it does put it in perspective. According to Career Coach Elise Stevens of Age Defying Careers adequate preparation is the key to successfully changing careers mid-life. She says the pay-off is a renewed sense of purpose and enhanced job satisfaction… Continue reading

Featured on My Deal: How to ace a job interview

So, you’ve landed a job interview? Fantastic! Now’s the scary part; the actual interview. Interviews are a scary process because you’re walking in blind. There are a few ways you can master a job interview, and who knows, you may even land the job! To be fully prepared for the interview, Elise Stevens, founder of Age Defying Careers offers her helpful tips… Continue reading