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Self-care Saturday Workshops – New Dates Coming Soon For 2018

Self-confidence Workshop

When: Saturday, 28 October 2017 1-3pm AEST
Where: Toowoomba, QLD 4350


Join Elise Stevens, founder of Age Defying Careers, for a two-hour workshop, where you’ll celebrate your achievements and kick those confidence wobbles to the kerb!

Elise is a careers coach and confidence-whisperer for women aged 40 and over. She’s a podcaster, author and speaker, and has worked with some of Australia’s leading organisations. Elise understands how important it is for you to recognise your value, and the importance of having dreams regardless of your age. Appreciating yourself, and recognising all the great things about YOU is where true confidence stems from.

Life’s too short to let a lack of confidence get in the way of living the life you want for yourself.

How to Find Your Style

When: Saturday, 18 November 2017 1-3:30pm AEST
Where: Spring Hill, QLD 4000


Elise Stevens is hosting a 2.5 hour workshop where you’ll find your style! Leading the workshop will be Moana Robinson, who is an image and style consultant for B Styled For Life.

Moana believes everyone has the right to look, feel and be their absolute best and her desire is to help women do just that. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, with a greater understanding of your own true style and renewed confidence in what to wear.

Re-claim that your sense of style and increase your self-confidence by finding your own true style.

About Age Defying Careers

How Age Defying Careers Began

A few years ago I began feeling aware of ageism in the workplace (ageism: noun; prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age). Would I continue to have the opportunity to work on great projects? Would I be employable? Would the market / potential employers believe that as I aged my skills were no longer relevant?

The job market where I live consists of a few highs and lots of lows. I decided that instead of being at the whims of the job market, I would start my own online coaching business to develop exceptional project managers. The modern rollercoaster ride of initiating my own business, along with the amazing networking that has since followed with professionals from all over the globe has allowed my confidence levels to increase tenfold.

Women – Your Career Is Not Over

I began to help other women lift their own confidence, ignite their passion for their industry once again, and to enhance their relevance to their own market to help them achieve their career goals – as well as to live a happier lifestyle. The more I talked with other women, the more I realised that women over 40 were being neglected with little opportunity for mentoring, internships and career development. There are lots of resources online to help young women, “mumtropenuers”, etc. yet there is little information out there to help women who want to restart their careers, change careers and / or have meaningful careers into their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. This gap in the market inspired me to launch Age Defying Careers to assist women over 40 to be more confident and to find their own personal career success.

Meet Our Founder, Elise Stevens

I believe that internal confidence comes from having the right skills, believing in yourself and wearing clothes that make you feel fantastic. Too often we let ourselves believe other people’s narratives about our own skills and abilities. My goal is to remind you of how valuable you truly are, and to give you a clearer understanding of your career goals so that you ooze confidence – every single day.

My structured approach will unveil your confidence, establish your career goals, and help you to actually achieve them.

Articles & Podcast Series

Age Defying Careers Elise Stevens on iTunes

Elise Stevens interviews women from around the globe who expertise in various fields, industries and environments. Topics vary, with all conversations focused on empowering YOU in your own career and personal journey. Listen to these women, hear their experiences and feel your self-doubt float away. Allow these articles and podcasts to boost your confidence, and connect you with other women who have achieved great things or have struggled through similar situations to you. We are here to support each other! Get involved by asking questions in the comments for each post or connecting with Age Defying Careers on social media.

Tune into the podcast series, with a new episode being released each week. All current articles and podcast series can be found on the Blog page. You can also subscribe to the Age Defying Careers podcast series via the iTunes Store here.

Podcast: Moira Matic

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Podcast: Clarice Lin

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Podcast: Sally Foley-Lewis

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We Understand You

The first step to being a more confident, more successful version of yourself is to surround yourself with like-minded people! Spend your time networking with people who understand and appreciate you, and your hard-earned skills. Connect with women who are, or have been in similar situations to you, with common goals and experiences. These women understand you and are there to support you.

Are you a woman over 40 looking to boost your confidence, fire up your career and connect with people who simply get you? Welcome, you have found your tribe.

Join the Age Defying Community on Facebook and Instagram. You can also connect with Elise Stevens on LinkedIn.


Carolina Hill

Elise is one of those people who’s impossible not to admire professionally. She is objective driven with kindness to support you through emotional barriers. She challenges you in order to make you think outside of your comfort zone. She let you see this new world full of possibilities, driving you to benefit from your strengths points and improving your weakness points.

I have no words to express my gratitude to Elise Stevens and all the effort she put into me. Elise gave me lots of tools that will benefit for the rest of my life.

Marie Longworth

Elise is fabulous, she has helped me to focus on my strengths and the positive things that I can offer. She’s an excellent listener, who is always supportive and creative. She has helped me recognise what I needed to improve my career and motivated me to achieve more. I continue to be inspired by Elise to expand my knowledge, my experience and my network.

Nicole Nader

Elise is a genuine breath of fresh air. A leader with a passion for supporting women across the globe to have a voice and share their stories and expertise. Elise’s coaching was the inspiration and motivation for me stepping outside my comfort zone a number of times and helping me prioritise my value as a project manager and leader. An extremely competent and true professional, Elise brings a dynamic approach to creating high performing teams. I look forward to seeing what she conquers next.

Age Defying Careers in the Press

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